Type: honors available

Available to: grade 10 students, required for those students, for honors see placement requirements on the History Department page

Note: The Modern World Honors course embarks on a study of world history from 1500 to the present, while The Modern World course centers on the last four centuries.

The modern world has been defined by massive transformation––social and political upheaval and revolution, industrialization, urbanization, global exchange and conflict, migration, and imperialism and colonization. This course combines a chronological and thematic approach to explore the historical roots and experiences of modernity. What does it mean to be modern? In part, it means navigating and grappling with systems of oppression, resistance, movement of people and ideas, and slavery. In engaging these ideas, students critically examine diverse perspectives influenced by ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, religion, gender, and age. This course challenges students to think historically and globally, to evaluate historical sources, and to analyze a variety of complex textual, visual, and physical materials to explore modernization and its role in shaping our contemporary world. Students in The Modern World Honors can expect more rigor in historical analysis and writing assignments, culminating in a self-guided research project on a topic of the student’s choice in the spring.