Type: honors

Available to: qualified students, see placement requirements link on the Math Department page

Statistics is a growing field of study that has applications in many industries and academic fields such as psychology, life sciences, economics, astronomy, finance, sports and more. Paying close attention to local, national and global events, this honors course introduces students to the descriptive and inferential statistical methods that allow them to be competent consumers and handlers of data. Throughout the year students will explore several statistical themes such as producing data with experimental design, exploring data with descriptive statistics, anticipating patterns using probability, and learning about a population from sample data using statistical inference. Students will engage with these concepts through activities, simulations, projects, current events, and real-world data sets. Also, they will develop familiarity with technological tools that will help them access, display, analyze and interpret data. Deep engagement in the coursework will help students to further develop their problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills, as well as prepare them for further studies and applications of statistics at the university level.