Type: honors available

Available to: all qualified students, see placement requirements link on the World Language Department page

Spanish 3 is an opportunity for students to put into practice and reinforce the oral and written communication skills they have honed in years one and two, while broadening their understanding of the Spanish-speaking world through an increasingly immersive classroom. Students are asked to engage in daily conversation and debate a variety of topics. Spanish 3 aims to offer students a deeper understanding of grammatical structures and idiomatic expressions through collaborative projects and presentations that simulate real-life applications of the language. With a focus on proficiency, this course is ultimately an exploration of identity both for students’ daily life on campus and the world as a whole. In the Honors section, students will engage with a variety of authentic texts, expand their grammatical and lexical repertoire, push themselves to engage in higher level thinking in the target language, and make progress towards an intermediate-high proficiency level.