Type: Pass/F

Available to: grade 9 students, required for those grade 9 students who are not taking Collaborative Study Hall

SPECIAL NOTES: This course does not count towards any diploma requirement. Final placement in Skills for Academic Success is at the discretion of the staff of the Learning Center.

Skills for Academic Success offers academic support as well as structure around assignment completion for students who may need these services. The class meets four times during the eight-day schedule cycle. Each class has built-in organization and habit forming. Students analyze who they are in the classroom and how their academic behaviors impact their overall performance. During the first week of school, they learn the one-binder system of organizing their materials, they utilize Google calendar and set up their schedule for the year, and they learn best practices for navigating Canvas. The goal of this class is to serve Grade 9 students who are in need of more structure throughout the week and who are still developing executive functioning skills. Students will be required to bring their binder and computer to each class. Cell phones will be collected at the beginning of every class.