Course Eligibility Criteria

The process to determine course eligibility for new students is different from that for returning students. Please review the eligibility criteria for the appropriate group at the links below. All eligibility decisions are subject to review by the head of the department.

Grade 9

Digital Fabrication does not fulfill the science requirement.

Grade 10

Note: Digital Fabrication does not fulfill the science requirement.

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science courses are available to all grades. They do not fulfill the diploma requirement for the science department.

Grade 11 & 12


Students taking engineering must concurrently be enrolled in a year of traditional science or have successfully completed three years of traditional science. Engineering courses are available for grades 11 & 12.

Semester Science Courses (Grades 11&12)

The Semester Science course offerings are single semester courses and can change from year to year.

The registrar works with students to request particular semester science courses in May.

*courses marked with an asterisk, if successfully completed, can serve as a booster class to help students qualify for the corresponding AP class if they had not otherwise met its prerequisites.


Environmental Science