Course Eligibility Criteria

The process to determine course eligibility for new students is different from that for returning students. Please review the eligibility criteria for the appropriate group at the links below. All eligibility decisions are subject to review by the head of the department.

Math Paths

The study of Mathematics offers learning paths. The Math Paths Diagram provides a few of the most common paths. Other paths are possible and students can move between paths. Students may freely choose to move to a less challenging path than was is described in the Math Paths Diagram.

To move to a more challenging path, students need to:

  • receive a strong recommendation from their math teacher at Stevenson
  • have earned a 95% or better in the Stevenson math course.
  • In addition, extra summer work and/or a readiness exercise may be required.

Department Courses

Math 4: Semester Courses for Grade 12

Intermediate Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Trigonometry, and Precalculus

Calculus, Statistics, and Beyond

Statistics Honors is available to those who have completed a Calculus course. Students who take Algebra in grade 9 can take Calculus. In fact, our top students who start in Algebra can take AP Calculus AB in grade 12. There is also an opportunity to take our non-AP Calculus course.