Type: honors available

Available to: grade 10 students, required for those students, for honors see placement requirements on the Science Department page

The natural world depends on the flow of energy and the transformation of matter. Building on the skills of inquiry and scientific method emphasized in the grade 9 Principles of Scientific Inquiry course, students explore thematic topics in astronomy, atmospheric science, chemistry, physics, biology, and ocean environmentalism. There is something for everyone! Topics explored in the physical sciences include the Big Bang, solar system properties, orbital mechanics and gravity, projectile motion, states of matter, chemical equations and reactions, and acid-base chemistry. Topics in biology include DNA and heredity, select organ systems, and we conclude the year with a deep look at environmental challenges faced by our oceans. 

The honors sections follow the same sequence, but require deeper analysis of chemistry and physics, including computational problems in areas of stoichiometry, titration and gravitational forces. Placement in Science 2 Honors is determined by the Principles of Scientific Inquiry instructors and the science department head.