Type: honors available

Available to: all qualified students, see placement requirements link on the World Language Department page

The second year seeks to build off the progress made in Japanese 1, and continues the study of basic grammar, verb forms, and everyday vocabulary through oral and written practice. Students will practice the various modes of communication as they explore more of the Japanese culture. An emphasis is placed on continuing to develop all language skills and to understand Japanese cultural elements. In Japanese 2, students will immerse themselves in the language, as they seek to improve upon the proficiency they have built in the first year. At the honors level, the focus shifts to the acquisition of grammar forms used in daily conversation as well as written work in an attempt to build a more sophisticated understanding of the language. The Japanese 2 students are to add about 120 kanji while Japanese 2 Honors students add nearly 200 kanji to what they have mastered in the previous year.