Available to: grade 9 students, required for those students

This course is a Stevenson student’s initial exploration of historical studies, and it is intended to ground each learner in the core historical and academic skills needed for success in the discipline. Using the core questions of: How do context and policy impact personal decisions?, How do we talk about people in history and how has this changed over time?, and How do people respond to their experiences?, we hope students will deeply understand the relevance of historical studies to themselves and the world around them. Our core skills of chronological reasoning, comparison and contextualization, crafting historical arguments from evidence, and historical interpretation and synthesis are carefully broken down so that students can demonstrate confidence and proficiency on the first stage of scaffolding within their History journey at Stevenson. Our content centers around 20th century events, and we begin with local history before considering widening geographic concentric circles including San Francisco, Mexico, and China. In order to deeply engage with the material we encounter, students will undertake a variety of creative and group projects as well as more traditional assessments. Further, we draw from our core values in order to discover untold histories and explore varied perspectives.