Available to: qualified students, see placement requirements link on the Math Department page

In this course, students will learn not only about algebra, but also how to use algebra to describe and make predictions about authentic situations. The text used for this course contains data that describe hundreds of real-life questions. While working with data, students are able to make connections to foundational mathematical concepts and how mathematics impacts their daily lives. For example, in one project students collect data and then use linear regression to explain the relationships within the data, making predictions about what results they might have achieved had they collected more data. Students also embark upon other exploratory topics and learn to leverage different types of technology, most notably Desmos and graphing calculators, in their pursuit of becoming better problem solvers.

Students in this course usually go on to Advanced Algebra / Trigonometry / Precalculus (AATP) or Math 4: Semester Mathematics Courses For Grade 12.