Available to: all qualified students, see placement requirements on the Arts Department page

Schedule: one semester

Special notes: This semester-long course must be paired with another arts course before graduation in order to fulfill Stevenson’s diploma requirement. To fulfill the “f” arts admissions requirement for the UC and Cal State schools, the second course should also be in the music discipline.

This course is designed for intermediate to advanced guitarists. To take the course, students should have successfully completed Guitar 1 or have the permission of the teacher. Students will be instructed in the musical concepts of melody, harmony, rhythm, and tempo as applied to the guitar. At the end of the semester, students will be able to play bass lines, chords, and read melodies in first and fifth positions using a pick, and execute fingerpicking patterns. The course will allow for individualized student needs and learning goals. Students will have the opportunity to participate in guitar ensembles. Students should supply their own acoustic guitar, case, picks, tuner (clip on tuner preferable), and metronome. An entry-level Yamaha can range from $150 – $300. The School also rents guitars to students. Assistance and school instruments are available upon review.