Type: honors available

Available to: all qualified students, see placement requirements link on the World Language Department page

The AP French course is structured around the six major themes of the AP French Language and Culture examination: global challenges, science and technology, contemporary life, personal and public identities, families and communities, and aesthetics and beauty. The course enables students to hone their French language skills and offers opportunities to complete practice exam activities. Students prepare for the AP exam, and most students elect to take it. At the same time, they design projects that demonstrate their passion for the language and the francophone world. Taught in conjunction with AP French, French 4 is intended for students who wish to apply the grammar they have learned in years 1 through 3 to more advanced conversation and deeper comprehension of advanced authentic reading sources. Students study articles, news reports and videos that expose them to a variety of francophone contexts. Regular study of pronunciation and advanced vocabulary/expressions round out students’ proficiency.