Type: honors available

Available to: all qualified students, see placement requirements link on the World Language Department page

The second year of French language study is a continuation of French 1, adding new structures to their repertoire. Students improve upon their grammar and vocabulary, by applying them to everyday contexts and participating in fun communicative activities that quiz them on their knowledge. The primary focus of the French 2 curriculum is to give students the tools and confidence to approach intermediate proficiency by the start of French 3 and communicate in francophone environments. Students will engage with a variety of authentic texts, including videos and short stories. A continued focus will be placed on pronunciation, listening and reading comprehension, as well as spoken and written production. Students can expect work to be based largely around the four language competencies: writing, reading, listening and speaking. Students in the Honors section will demonstrate the ability to organize and express individual and unique thoughts based on the tools they have acquired in class. The honors course will provide students with opportunities to complete extension work and to apply their knowledge and skills to topics beyond the regular French 2 curriculum.