Available to: all students

This first-year proficiency-based course introduces basic elements of francophone language and culture by way of a student-centered, communicative, and immersive classroom environment. Students engage in regular study of introductory grammar topics including basic sentence structure, conjugation of verbs in the present tense, adjective and adverb placement, as well as the beginning stages of more complex topics that they will master in their second year of language study. A linguistic toolkit provides students with the building blocks to express themselves in a diverse array of everyday, authentic situations including introducing themselves, ordering in a restaurant, asking and answering basic questions, and explaining likes and dislikes. A strong emphasis is placed on pronunciation, listening and reading comprehension, as well as spoken and written production. By the end of the first year of language study, students are able to construct sentences, answer simple questions, and understand clear and slowly spoken French. Students can expect work to be based largely around the four language competencies: writing, reading, listening and speaking. Homework and assessments are designed to engage and motivate students to achieve a novice level of French in their first year.