Type: Honors available

Available to: grade 11 students, required for those students, for honors see placement requirements link on the English Department page

This course explores the chronological sweep of American literature from the Puritans to the present, with a focus on the independent voices who created an imaginative new literary terrain in response to the developing nation. Students trace themes of identity, difference, faith, nature, and the American dream by reading closely, writing frequently, and sharing ideas with one another in our discussion-oriented setting. Readings draw from a diverse range of authors of renown and significance—such as Whitman, Fitzgerald, and Morrison—and course concepts resonate with the junior-year US History curriculum. Students will also study multimedia sources, including cartoons, music, and film. By examining America’s literary past, students will gain a deeper understanding of American culture and society today. Students who place into English 3 Honors are equipped with comparatively advanced skills in literary analysis and a clear commitment to their English coursework, such that they can manage heftier assignments at a swifter pace.