Available to: qualified 10 students, see placement requirements on the Science Department page or the Computer Science & Engineering page

Schedule: one semester

Special Notes: This course does not count towards the diploma requirement for the Science department. Students taking this course must concurrently be enrolled in a year of traditional science or have successfully completed three years of traditional science.

Digital Fabrication 2 builds upon the skills learned in Digital Fabrication.  Students will learn how to use the Design Process to look at a variety of factors to solve problems.  Advanced CAD modeling will also be covered.  Students will be introduced to automated modeling and optimized design, allowing them to create and modify computer-generated parts.  Analysis of those parts through structural and fluid simulation will be introduced by using FEA (finite element analysis) to refine parts to meet specific requirements.  Top-up and bottom-down assembly techniques will be covered, as well as various dimensioning strategies.  Students will also be introduced to virtual and augmented reality and AI, and how those technologies are utilized in industry today.  The prerequisite for Digital Fabrication 2 is Digital Fabrication 1 or permission from the instructor.