Available to: all students

Schedule: one semester

Special notes: This semester-long course must be paired with another arts course before graduation in order to fulfill Stevenson’s diploma requirement. To fulfill the “f” arts admissions requirement for the UC and Cal State schools, the second course should also be in the visual arts discipline.

Students embrace the computer and the camera as their primary art tools in this introduction to digital photography and design, featuring Adobe Creative Suite® software program. Projects are designed to feature a complementary mix of teacher demonstrations with student collaboration and self-guided tutorials. Students develop a comfort level with using software (especially Photoshop® and Lightroom®), DSLR cameras, and color printers, as they manipulate digital photographs and learn the fundamentals of creative design. Students will learn how to direct, shoot, and edit using professional equipment and techniques. Students should supply their own iPhone or equivalent with a fully functional camera. In addition, a digital SLR camera would be beneficial but is by no means required (the Canon EOS Rebel T6i at about $500 is one good choice). Assistance is available upon review.