Available to: all students

Schedule: one semester

Special Notes: This course must be paired with another arts course before graduation in order to fulfill Stevenson’s diploma requirement. To fulfill the “f” arts admissions requirement for the UC and Cal State schools, the second course should also be in the theater arts discipline. Alternatively, students engaged in two seasons of theater productions in a year are eligible to petition for a semester’s grade and credit in the theater arts, which, in conjunction with this course, would fulfill both Stevenson’s one-year arts requirement and the “f” arts requirement for the UC and Cal State schools.

Students discover design within the context of theater, and they develop an appreciation for the art of theatrical, costume and scenic design. Students can take this course more than once to encounter more advanced material and more rigorous standards. Such students will have greater parameters in designing their projects. All students embrace the practice of bringing new ideas and fresh concepts to the same stories and they will participate in critiques (individual and group) with the goal of learning to constructively analyze both their own and peers’ work. This course includes projects that require work outside of class.