Type: Ungraded

Available To: grade 9 students, required for those students

Schedule: meets one day out of each eight-day cycle

Special notes: This course does not count towards any diploma requirement

Community Forum is designed to foster a sense of community and to  help grade 9 students with the transition to high school at Stevenson. The director of community education guides a carefully selected group of grade 12 leaders, who facilitate the curriculum for the grade 9 students. With a focus on healthy relationships and values-based decision-making, students discuss topics such as substance use and prevention, time management, peer pressure, community standards, self care and boundaries. Much of the focus is on developing intra- and interpersonal skills by teaching effective communication and creating a space where students can explore their habits, choices and aspirations in a safe, respectful, and trusting environment. These lessons lead to a clear understanding of how to engage in community and build the foundation for grade 9 students to become effective citizens and leaders.