Japanese 4 / AP Japanese Language and Culture

Type: honors available Available to: all qualified students, see placement requirements link on the World Language Department page The fourth year of Japanese helps students strengthen their speaking and writing skills as well as their listening and reading comprehension. The course involves a variety of opportunities for both interpersonal and presentational communication, including frequent oral presentations, written reports, and class discussions. Classes are conducted principally in Japanese, emphasizing students’ increasing ability to speak freely and accurately. An immersive environment is essential at this level of a student’s language development, and students are encouraged to continue honing their language proficiency. The Japanese 4 students are to add about 120 kanji while Japanese AP students learn 40 more new kanji in the fall term and focus on reviewing the total of about 500 kanji in the spring term. At the AP level, students prepare for the AP Examination in May through [...]

Japanese 3 / Japanese 3 Honors

Japanese 3 continues to build upon the framework established in the first two years of study, as students work with more sophisticated grammar, verb forms, and more elaborate vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. The ultimate goal of this course is to continue to emphasize conversation with the hopes that students will not only improve their language skills but also become able to communicate with native speakers. At the honors level, students will be asked to express themselves in a variety of forms, both written and spoken, as they continue to improve their language proficiency at the ACTFL Intermediate-Low level for Japanese 3 and Intermediate-Mid for Japanese 3H. The Japanese 3 students are to add about 120 kanji while Japanese 3 Honors students add about 200 kanji to what they have mastered in the previous year.

Japanese 2 / Japanese 2 Honors

Type: honors available Available to: all qualified students, see placement requirements link on the World Language Department page The second year seeks to build off the progress made in Japanese 1, and continues the study of basic grammar, verb forms, and everyday vocabulary through oral and written practice. Students will practice the various modes of communication as they explore more of the Japanese culture. An emphasis is placed on continuing to develop all language skills and to understand Japanese cultural elements. In Japanese 2, students will immerse themselves in the language, as they seek to improve upon the proficiency they have built in the first year. At the honors level, the focus shifts to the acquisition of grammar forms used in daily conversation as well as written work in an attempt to build a more sophisticated understanding of the language. The Japanese 2 students are to add about 120 [...]

Japanese 1

Available to: all students This first-year course serves as an introduction to the study of both Japanese language and culture for students with no prior experience or a novice level of proficiency. An emphasis is placed on mastery of basic grammatical structures and elementary vocabulary as a preparation for further study at more advanced levels. By the end of the year, students are to master all 46 hiragana and 46 katakana characters with 35 kanji. They cannot only read or write on very familiar topics using a variety of words and phrases and expressions they practiced, but they can also present and communicate on very familiar topics such as their families and school activities. Students will be exposed to the Japanese language and culture through authentic cultural materials and an immersive and fun classroom environment.

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