The Modern World / The Modern World Honors

The modern world, loosely defined as the last four centuries, from the global Renaissance to the present, has been defined by massive transformation––social and political upheaval and revolution, industrialization, urbanization, global exchange and conflict, migration, and imperialism and colonization. This course combines a chronological and thematic approach to explore the historical roots of modernity. In endeavoring to consider the dynamic changes that modernity brings, students critically examine diverse perspectives––including people of color, young people, and women––as well as multiple points of view––oppression as well as resistance, emigration as well as immigration, the enslaved as well as the enslavers. This course challenges students to think historically, objectively, and globally, to evaluate historical sources, and to grapple with a variety of complex textual, visual, and physical materials to explore the modernization of the world and its role in shaping our contemporary world.