Radio & Media Arts

Advanced Radio & Media

Available to: all qualified students, see placement requirements on the Arts Department page Advanced Radio & Media is a yearlong course in which students are further trained toward the goal of radio station management and broadcast media production. Beyond their continued practice of on-air presence and speaking, students develop strong research, writing, reporting and storytelling skills that are appropriate to professional expectations in broadcasting and podcasting. Responsibilities include operating the School’s fully equipped, federally licensed KSPB 91.9 FM radio station.

Introductory Radio & Media

Available to: all students Introductory Radio & Media presents foundations in media communications, including radio broadcasting and digital media. Students are taught and practice on-air speaking standards and learn to manipulate digital editing software and physical production equipment toward the eventual goal of operating the radio station. Students learn to conduct interviews, write and produce on-air shows and digital media stories for the local community. Students gain real world radio experience in the School’s fully equipped KSPB 91.9 FM radio station.

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