Type: honors

Available to: qualified grade 12 students and grade 11 students who previously passed or concurrently enroll in a US History course, for honors see placement requirements link on the History Department page

Creative expression is at the heart of what it means to be human. To better understand the human experience across space and through time, this course surveys global history from prehistory to the present through a diverse collection of works of art and architecture. Students cultivate their understanding of art within its broader historical context and gain fluency in a specific vocabulary of art analysis as they explore concepts of culture and cultural interactions, theories and interpretations of art, the impact of materials, processes, and techniques of art making. Immersing themselves in the diverse cultural productions of societies from Africa, the Pacific, the Americas, Asia, and Europe, students explore how and why works of art function for those who create them, use them, and view them. They consider such issues as patronage, sex, race, and gender, politics, religion, class, ethnicity, artistic intention, and audience as they grow their skills in art historical analysis. Extensive readings, discussion of visual sources, independent research, frequent assessments, and field trips to local museums help hone students’ ability to synthesize sophisticated visual, written and verbal material to prepare for the AP examination.