Available to: qualified students, see placement requirements link on the Math Department page

This rigorous course emphasizes skill-building and the development of a positive mindset for lifelong learning in mathematics and beyond. Students develop a strong foundation in algebraic topics such as probability, linear functions, exponents and radicals, quadratic functions, factoring polynomials, and inequalities. They learn and practice new skills in collaboration with their peers and are pushed to connect the material to the world as they know it. We introduce topics covered in Geometry with an eye for opportunities to integrate algebraic skills; for example, they might need to first apply a geometric theorem such as the sum of the angles in a triangle to produce a quadratic formula to be solved, then decide whether one, both, or none of the resulting solutions makes sense. Students will also engage with hands-on technology such as Desmos and Geogebra. Students in Algebra will usually continue on to take Geometry.