Available to: all qualified students, see placement requirements on the Arts Department page

Advanced Making Movies continues the process of developing documentary and narrative films initiated in Making Movies 1. This exceptionally fun class also helps students interested in pursuing filmmaking at the college and beyond. The course challenges students to work as a team to create projects, with an eye to potential submission to student film competitions, as well as for admission to competitive summer and college programs. After one year of Advanced Making Movies, students may choose to take the course again and focus on independently driven projects. For this course, students must demonstrate: (1) familiarity or proficiency in elements of movie production, including camera operation, editing software, and writing; and (2) an ability to work both independently and as a member of a crew. Summer program or other work before this class is highly recommended. An interview with the teaching faculty during course registration is required for entry, including the sharing of portfolio work. Students should supply their own iPhone or equivalent with a fully functional camera. In addition, a digital SLR camera would be beneficial but is by no means required (the Canon EOS Rebel T6i at about $500 is one good choice). Assistance is available upon review.